Henry Cowell

He might still be a young pup, but Henry has well and truly put his proverbial size 8s (probably) in MTB's door, achieving top positions in big races whilst by being an all round top fella.

Our Henry quickly charmed us, finding a home riding for Rockstop at Ard Rock, Naughty & Tweedlove. Despite bossing his race, he still found time at the former, to give up his position to help another rider who needed medical assistance - what a gent. His beaming smile and unadulterated passion for the sport and everyone in it is infectious - this is one cool kid to rub shoulders with next year.

We caught up with Henry after school (seriously) to ask him a few questions about his riding history and experience and find out a few of his MTB favourites.

When did you start riding bikes?

I’ve been riding bikes since I was 3 after being introduced by my dad and haven’t stopped since! Love a good hill day but I've recently started racing and can’t wait to see what the 2022 season brings.

How did you get into MTB?

Me and my Dad would make a weekly Sunday mountain bike ride. Lockdown 2020 was a huge progression stage for me as I was riding almost every day after finishing school work. And that brings us to now, where I still am riding as much as possible in between school and work!

What’s the longest bike adventure you’ve ever been on?

In September 2020 where I completed the W2W (Walney to Whitby) in a day! Some of my favourite adventures have been up in the hills, recently I lugged my bike up Scafell Pike, Wetherlam and Coniston. All three hills are unreal terrain and cracking views.

What’s your PB race finish position?

My personal best race position at the moment is 3rd at the Naughty Northumbrian, I'm hoping to repeat or top this at other events in the 2022 season!

Favourite race of the 2021?

Favourite race of the 2021 season has to be Naughty Northumbrian, it had all the trail variety you could want and that lovely golden loam. The weather was spot on and all the trails were sweet as - from steeps to scree to fast, tight tech in the woods. I will definitely be making the trip there next year!

Who’s your MTB idol?

My MTB ‘idol’ has to be either Brendan Fairclough or Ollie Wilkins, they both have mega style on the bike and a chilled out view on riding.

What’s the worst damage you’ve done to yourself on a bike?

As of yet I haven't broken anything, even with some big crashes, I've just come out with some good gashes and bruises! I’d like it to stay this way but I doubt that will happen!

Favourite trail to ride?

Currently, my favourite trails to ride have to be the local, [Grizedale etc] they’re only a ten minute pedal away and provide some mint scenery and a good few different styles. Straying a bit further afield, Inners, Golfie and Descent are all high up on the list. Would love to head to Madeira in the next few years and get a taste what they have to offer.

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