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What do you get when you cross a bunch of hardcore mountain bikers with a bug up their ass about something, and a group of pointy headed polymer engineers who only get good ideas after a few beers?

Yep, Rockstop is the snarling love-child of the Grizedale Mountain Bike Hire Centre and Urofoam Ltd - experts in all things polyurethane.


Pat (the manager) and the guys at Grizedale were looking for a different sort of tyre insert, one that was easier to fit, and that you couldn't tell was there when you were riding. But it still needed to be tough enough to protect rims and tyres under hard impacts.


10 miles down the road is Urofoam - specialists in technical problem solving in industries such as oil, mining, automotive, and sports. Immediately intrigued by the challenge the well-oiled machine sprang into action.


It wasn't as easy as it looked. It took several attempts - lots of alcohol and some regrettable language - but we got there in the end!


To help test the ideas we managed to get alongside a fine group of riders who ride-tested the various versions and gave us their feedback


So everyone got stuck in and Rockstop is the result.


None of this would have happened without Pat and his team, so loads of respect to a genuine Lake District partnership.