Rockstop team on a snowy bike trail
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Made Up North

Rockstop is a family run business - a bit like the Sopranos, but with less blood. Located two miles away from where William Wordsworth wandered lonely as a cloud, then stopped to eat his butties, we're home to a team of northern engineers and 5,000 seagulls.

We're in the Lake District, UK.
We sell into 7 different countries (so far)!
We are designers, engineers, and manufacturers.
We've been moulding stuff for over 30 years.
Everything we offer is made in our UK factory.
We like beer. Obviously.
Worker greasing a Rockstop Tyre Insert mould in the factory

Clever Design & Technical Grit

The Rockstop products are the brainchild of parent company Urofoam - a long established and trusted polyurethane specialist - who have developed bespoke technical products for the likes of Decathlon, Jaguar / Landrover and Koenigsegg.

We design all our products ourselves, we design all the engineering required to make 'em, and then we make 'em.

The Rim Protectors and Frameguards are a direct result of the research, collaboration, and testing with experienced riders and retailers.