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Below is a  list of our most frequently asked questions about Frameguard. 

Tyre Insert


Can I have my product shipped outside the EU?

Of course! Here's a list of all of the countries we ship to: 

How long will delivery take?

For all of our delivery information, please see here:


Tyre Insert

Does Rockstop come in any other colours?

Rockstop is only available in our trademark yellow!

What sizes are available?

Rockstop is available in 27", 29" and 29 (wide)".



How much does it cost?****

Rubber fittings****

Factory fitted bash plates****

Do I have to remove the tabs every time I clean my bike?

What does Frameguard weigh?

Where is Frameguard made?

What is the extra length of Velcro for?

How does Frameguard fix to my bike?

Can Frameguard be removed for cleaning?

Can I buy spare adhesive tabs?

Does Frameguard come in any other colours?

Will the adhesive damage my paintwork?

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