Below is a  list of our most frequently asked questions about Frameguard. 

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Can I have my product shipped outside the EU?

Of course! Here's a list of all of the countries we ship to: 

How long will delivery take?

For all of our delivery information, please see here:



What does Frameguard weigh?

Frameguard is made from a tough polymer with a reinforced metal plate. It weighs approximately 165g.

What is the extra length of Velcro for?

We've included an extra length of Velcro in the packaging to replace a self adhesive tab if your bike frame has an awkward join or ridge where you ideally want to place the tab but it doesnt have a smooth surface to fix to. Just thread the strap through the holes and around your frame and secure tightly.

Can I remove Frameguard to clean?

Yes, just undo the velcro straps and lift the guard away from the frame. Clean your bike and rinse the guard and attach it back on.

Does Frameguard come in other colours?

In the famous words of Henry Ford - "you can have any colour, as long as it's black!" We may run special edition colours in the future - watch this space.

What if I have two bikes? Do I need two Frameguards?

We offer spare tabs, so all you need to do is buy a pack from here. This will allow you to keep the tabs on the bikes, and move the Frameguard between them.

Will the adhesive tabs damage the paintwork?

No. The 3M VHB tape is tough and will stay firmly on your frame. When you want to remove it, all you need to do is put some hairdryer heat to it, and they will peel off without damaging your frame. If you would like to buy replacement tabs, you can purchase them here.

Will the adhesive tabs be strong enough to stay on my bike?

Yes! We use 3M VHB tape. It's backed onto foam so it moulds to your frame and the tab for ultimate bonding. Frameguard will not move under wet/muddy conditions - however, you can remove the tabs by adding some hairdryer heat to them, and they will peel away without damaging the paintwork.

How long will Frameguard last?

Our tough polymer material will put up with lots of hits, and that's the point of it, it's designed to absorb the strike and protect your frame behind it. Depending on how often and how hard you ride, we recommend changing it once a year, during your annual service.

How does Frameguard fit to my bike?

Our design uses metal tabs with a high grade adhesive foam pad attached (3M VHB). By simply removing the backing from the tape and sticking it to your frame, you will achieve a very firm fix. The Velcro straps which slide through the tab holes then slide through the Frameguard, making it easy to remove. See our fitting guide here.


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Do you have more technical information?

You can see a full breakdown of Rockstop's technical information here.

Does Rockstop come in any other colours?

Rockstop is only available in our trademark yellow!

What sizes are available?

Rockstop is available in 27", 29" and 29 (wide)".

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