Where are Rockstop Products Made?

The Lake District, Cumbria, England. We're designers. engineers and manufacturers of polyurethane mouldings covering industries including automotive, aerospace and sports. Anything made in PU we are who people come to!

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Can you recycle Rockstop products?

In short, Yes!

We have several ways to keep our carbon footprint low and our waste to a minimum. Our manufacturing lines have used recycled waste as part of our standard processes for over 30 years. Any rejected product we produce is sent away to be ground down and made into underlay and other NVH products.

If your Rockstop product has come to the end of its life and you don't know how to dispose of it, we will happily accept it back and it will go into the sacks ready for processing and to begin its life as something new!

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How long will Frameguard last?

Our tough polymer material will put up with lots of hits, and that's the point of it, it's designed to absorb the strike and protect your frame behind it. Depending on how often and how hard you ride, we recommend changing it once a year, during your annual service.

Will the adhesive tabs be strong enough to stay on my bike?

Yes! We use 3M VHB tape. It's backed onto foam so it moulds to your frame and the tab for ultimate bonding. Frameguard will not move under wet/muddy conditions - however, you can remove the tabs by adding some hairdryer heat to them, and they will peel away without damaging the paintwork.

What if I have two bikes? Do I need two Frameguards?

We offer spare tabs, so all you need to do is buy a pack from here. This will allow you to keep the tabs on the bikes, and move the Frameguard between them.

Does Frameguard come in other colours?

In the famous words of Henry Ford - "you can have any colour, as long as it's black!" We may run special edition colours in the future - watch this space.

What does Frameguard weigh?

Frameguard is made from a tough polymer with a reinforced metal plate. It weighs approximately 165g.

How does Frameguard fit to the bike?

We designed Frameguard so that you can remove the guard for cleaning and maintenance for you motor casing (for EMTB). This works by attaching the tabs to your frame with 3M VHB tape. The Velcro straps link through the metal tab and into the guard and fastens on itself for a secure fit. For clear step by step instructions you can download our fitting guide.

Why do you supply a spare length of Velcro in the packaging?

Frameguard is designed to be a universal fit but as all bike models are different you may find that there is no flat surface area to attach a tab just where you need it. The solution to this is to remove the tab and replace it with the Velcro strap which threads through the straps holes on the Frameguard and around your bike frame. An extra length of Velcro strapping is included with every sale!

Can I get spare tabs to replace the others?

Yes you can! If you remove the old tabs from your downtube you will likely need replacements. You can buy these here!

Will Frameguard fit my bike?

Frameguard has been specially designed to fit a wide range of bikes currently on the market.

There are a small number of bikes with factory fitted parts which may make it difficult for Frameguard to fit successfully e.g cables running along the exterior of the downtube. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to contact us with your bike model and we can make an assessment and advise you on fitting.

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Will the adhesive tabs damage my bike?

Frameguard will not move under wet, muddy or harsh riding/cleaning conditions - however, the tabs will peel away under hairdryer heat, leaving no damage to paintwork.

Rim Protector

Is it re-usable?

Absolutely! The tough flexible material means you'll be able to swap it between bikes and re-fit when you change your tyres.

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Should I run the tyre insert in both wheels?

The Rim Protector is sold in singles as most riders prefer the protection in the rear wheel only. However, we have many Enduro riders who have doubled up to protect both wheels and allows them to run much lower PSI.

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Does it reduce vibration?

Yes. The flexible compound 'dulls' the chatter through hands and feet.

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Can I finish a race on the Rim Protector alone?

We didn't design The insert to act like an inner tube - we can't be all things to all people!

Rockstop® is a rim and puncture protector and in all honesty, we haven't had enough feedback from riders because it's done its job so far!

Inevitably, at some point there will be some tyre damage which no inserts could prevent.

If you’re mid race stage then because of the way Rockstop® pushes the tyre bead onto the rim you should be able to make it to the end of the stage with your tyre still on but probably not at the speed of an inner tube.

If this happens on any normal ride then put in your inner tube and sling your Rockstop® round your neck and ride home to refit it with your new tyre. Rockstop® is reusable!

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Why does it need to be so tough?

The reason for using such a tough polymer is simple physics. The impact of you hitting a sharp rock at 20 mph is pretty much the same as the impact from someone jumping out of a 12 foot window - and landing on your foot - in stilettos!

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What's the lowest PSI I can run?

The Rim Protector geometry forces the edges into the sidewall just above the rim and helps keep the tyre bead seated against the rim. If it does try and burp when cornering then it helps to keep the bead in position. How low you can go with tyre pressures depends on lots of things, tyre size, compound and rider weight all have an effect.

Our test riders tell us that 20-24 PSI is OK in most conditions for a rear tyre that has a reasonably good sidewall construction.

In a front tyre they’ve been going as low as 17-18 PSI

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Why does the weight matter?

The Rim Protector is appx 250g. To have a highly shock absorbing, tough, reusable rim protector you need density and with that comes a bit of weight. If we make it lighter then it will be less effective. Future testing and development could reduce this weight but we know this weight works.

Our PU polymer is a different material to EVA/EPDM tyre inserts which is why we've been able to design it with a low profile and shock absorbing properties.

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Does it absorb sealant?

NO! This is a self skinning polymer. The clever design of the Rockstop® also allows the sealant to move freely around the wheel at all times and is never submerged in sealant.

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How much does it alter the ride?

You can only tell it's there when you get the big hits, when you would normally have an "oh sh!t" moment, Rockstop® kicks in and protects your rim.

It doesn't fill the void of your tyre completely but you can be more confident in cornering under low pressure because the edges of Rockstop push into the side walls of your tyre keeping it seated.

It also gives a little more of a firm feeling on the side walls of the tyre in the bottom third as it approaches the rim. This stops the tyre feeling “squirrely” at lower pressures when you’re cornering.

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Does it require any special valves or cable ties?

Nope! No extra faff here! We assemble the Rim Protector in our factory so it comes ready to fit.

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Will it fit an eBike?

We've been testing Rockstop in a fleet of E-bikes and they perform just as well. The 27.5" X is perfect for handling the extra weight of those sharp knocks while still maintaining grip under low pressures.

Retailers: If you run a hire centre, you will save a lot of mechanics time in repairing/replacing rims throughout the season - get in touch for dealer prices.

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Why doesn't it have the big round volume of other inserts?

Using a high density shock absorbing material that takes up a fraction of the space in your tyre, lasts longer and doesn't affect the air pressure dynamics as much.

Tyre manufacturers spend millions developing and testing tyres to work under various conditions, adjusting the tyre dynamics dramatically could adversely affect the tyre performance. This is why we designed Rockstop Rim Protector this way.

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How long does it take to fit?

As you can see from the 'fitting' video, Pat does it in 3 minutes. He's had a few goes at fitting Rockstop so he's got the knack! This should take you between 5-10 minutes.

TOP TIP: If you're fitting with a new tyre, hang your tyre and insert somewhere warm and come back to it after a brew!

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What is the Rim Protector made from?

Rockstop Rim Protector is made from a tough Polyurethane blown Elastomer. In simple terms it's a tough, highly shock absorbing rubberised polymer. Polyurethane Elastomer is often used in shock absorbers in F1 cars and aerospace industries.

It's the toughest flexible stuff out there.

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What delivery services do you use?

For UK orders we ship with MyHermes on a standard 2-5 working day service. This service is signed for and you will receive tracking details in a confirmation email when your order has been picked and packed.

For orders overseas, we use Royal Mail which is then handed to your national postal service. Delivery times will vary between countries but it should be delivered in less than 12 working days from when you receive the confirmation email containing the tracking details.

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How much is shipping?

Shipping to the UK is ÂŁ4.50. Parcels outside of the UK will incur a shipping cost of ÂŁ6.50.

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Will you accept returns?

We've done extensive testing with Pro/Semi Pro and general all round gnarly riders so with their contribution to the design of Rockstop protection products, we are confident you will not be disappointed. As such, we will only accept returns if the item is unused i.e. not been fitted and ridden and returns to us with all the original packaging.

Please send back to us with in 30 days of the order being placed and we will give you a full refund.

If you have found a fault with the product then please do let us know and we can discuss a replacement and/or full refund.

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