Dave Evans

Dave Evans


Dave Evans




South Wales

Why Mountain Biking?

Originally it was to escape for a few hours, ptsd was kicking in and I needed a channel to focus my energy. I got utterly hooked and now it’s a bit of an addiction. I use MTB to push myself physically and take myself out of my comfort zone.

Favourite Type?

Natural single track, the steep tech in my local spot is perfect.

Best Place?

For me it’s still sunny South Wales, hidden gems like Afan masts are simply amazing. 2021 will take me to Europe and South America, my opinions may be subject to change!

If not Mountain Biking, then what?

The dark side, I still on occasion love to hop on a roady and crank out some miles. I adore fitness and building endurance. A road bike is the perfect tool for this.

Best Mountain Bike Purchase? 

Fox Fire Pant, at my grand old age I feel the cold, these were a game changer!

Best Riding Memory? 

2013 in North Wales. A bunch of very good mates went riding, some of us would never set eyes on each other again. Great times!

Dave Evans

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