Frameguard, a tough metal-reinforced polymer moulding, stops damage to the motor/battery casing and the lower end of the downtube. The impact of rock strikes around the crank area of the frame are absorbed and dispersed, instead of being able to crack, dent or shatter.


How does it fit to the bike?

A metal reinforced plate not only adds extra impact protection but also allows you to bend the Frameguard to fit the shape of the bike frame to give you a seamless fit. There are 4 self adhesive fastening tabs which stick to the frame and are attached to the Frameguard via Velcro straps. The Velcro straps hook through the tabs and the Frameguard to hold it to the frame. To remove the Frameguard simply undo the straps.



Frameguard E

  • Impact protection for your motor casing

    Reduce damage from heavy rock strikes

    Downtube protection from trail debris

    Designed to fit most market leading E-bike brands

    Removable & washable

    Tailgate and bike rack protection

    Easy to fit

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