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A close up image of Frameguard situated on a red Specialized mountain bike.
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Protect Your Bike, Absorb The Strike
  • Impact protection for your motor casing

  • Reduce damage from heavy rock strikes

  • Downtube protection from trail debris

  • Tailgate and bike rack protection

  • A universal fitting MTB product

  • Easy to fit


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Frameguard front bent into shape

Metal Plate

An aluminium plate moulded inside the Frameguard reinforces the tough, shock absorbing polymer material, and also bends the Frameguard to suite each bike frame.

Impact Absorbing

The high shock absorbing polymer is specially formulated to take on heavy rock strikes, and avoid shattering the factory fitted motor casing.

Arched Design

The overall curvature of Frameguard gives extra volume, to ensure a seamless fit between the guard and the frame - regardless of bike brand.

Reverse of Frameguard

Mounting Mechanism

This is in 2 parts. There are 4 flexible metal and adhesive tabs that form and stick to your frame and motor casing, these provide the anchor for your Frameguard without modifying or damaging your bike in any way.  

Velcro straps pass  through each of these tabs and also through tracks in the Frameguard, pulling it neatly and securely against your frame.​

This means that undoing the Velcro straps easily releases the Frameguard for bike cleaning, leaving the tabs and straps in place. To put it back on simply thread the straps back through the Frameguard and tighten them up.

A close up of the top of Frameguard

Contoured Section

Tapers towards your bike frame to give it a seamless finish, and appear as part of the bike.

Drain Holes

To avoid the build-up of mud and debris under the Frameguard, these drain holes will allow water to flow through when washing the bike down post-ride.

Inner Channel

Allows water, mud, and debris to flow through.

Underside of Frameguard with sticky 3M tabs attached



CAD Drawing of Frameguard

Frameguard has been specially designed to fit a wide range of bikes currently available on the market. We would advise you check the dimensions of your frame against Frameguard dimensions and check for any factory fitted parts, which may cause obstruction for the fitting tabs. You can check to see if your bike has been tested, or submit your own fitting results, by visiting our FitChecker page. To help us keep FitChecker up to date, please tell us your experience via email, as this greatly supports our riding community.

Top of Frameguard in packaging
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